Can a Split Tree Branch Be Repaired?

When damage strikes tree branches, causing a split, some may think that the damage is enough to make the tree untreatable. Still, not all damage is the same, and professional treatments and interventions can help these plants heal. So, can a split tree branch be repaired?

As a reliable tree service contractor in Holland, MI, we at Screaming Timber Arbor Care know how frustrating it is to property owners when their healthy trees sustain branch damage. In our guide below, we explain how tree branches can split and whether repairs are a viable solution to them. 

can a split tree branch be repaired

Factors That Can Cause a Tree Limb To Split

Even if tree branches develop healthily, they could sustain damage from traumatic events or tree diseases. Weather is the main reason for branch splitting.

Intense wind, heavy snowfall, and ice storms often lead to split branches and damaged bark. Lightning strikes can also create severe tree damage depending on where the lightning makes contact with the tree. 

Tree branches can break for other reasons, including:

  • The tree’s location
  • The tree’s fruit being too heavy for its branches
  • The tree trunk’s thickness
  • The angle where the tree’s trunk and branch meet

Can You Fix a Split Tree Branch?

Can a split tree branch be repaired? The answer depends on the severity of the damage. Treatment and healing are possible in some cases.

It’s best to assess the damage before attempting repairs. You want to ensure the branch break is recent and that the tree still has a decent hold on the broken branch. The most viable limb splits are those that get immediate treatment and still have a decent attachment to the tree.

Whenever you notice a split tree limb, contact your local arborist for help. Though tree removal for branch damage isn’t always necessary in this case, they may need to prune the damaged limb if there’s no chance for repair or if the branch poses a safety hazard to people or property. If repairs are possible, the arborist may consider bracing or grafting methods.

Bracing Damaged Tree Limbs

Bracing refers to reinforcing broken, weak tree limbs with a flexible cabling rope or rigid metal. It’s ideal for when pruning or removing the tree isn’t necessary. Bracing prevents the tree’s limbs from breaking off, which gives it a chance to heal and recover.

Grafting Split Tree Branches

Your arborist will use grafting tape to hold a small broken branch in place. The tree wound can heal as long as the inner bark of both pieces touches underneath the tape.

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Can a split tree branch be repaired? The short answer is yes, and we at Screaming Timber Arbor Care are the right professionals to help with this. We’re a licensed and insured tree care service provider dedicated to delivering comprehensive services with world-class customer support.

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