Will Cutting Tree Roots Kill the Tree in Holland, MI?

Will cutting tree roots kill the tree? That’s a common question tree owners ask themselves when faced with the decision to cut a tree’s roots. As the go-to tree service in Holland, MI, Screaming Timber Arbor Care dives into the details of cutting tree roots. 

will cutting tree roots kill the tree

How to Safely Cut Tree Roots  

To cut tree roots safely, you need to adhere to guidelines. Improper pruning or cutting may compromise the tree’s water and nutrient supply or destabilize the tree, increasing the chances that it may fall during a storm. 

Therefore, you want to adopt the correct approach to cutting tree roots lest you kill the tree.  

Consider the Tree’s Size and Location  

Safely cutting a tree’s roots depends on its size and location. As a rule of thumb, prune roots no larger than two inches wide. You also want to avoid cutting roots growing too close to the trunk because they play a crucial role in the tree’s health and structure.  

Timing Matters  

If you must prune a tree’s roots, consider cutting the roots during winter or early spring. This gives them ample time to heal and regain strength.  

Don’t Overdo It  

Will cutting tree roots kill the tree? A healthy tree can handle pruning up to 20% of its root system at once. After pruning, give the tree about two to three years to recover fully before cutting the roots again. If you prune over 25% of the root system at once, the tree will struggle to survive. 

Proper Pruning Technique  

Cutting tree roots often puts a tree under a great deal of stress. Therefore, you should only prune a tree’s roots when you have no other less intrusive alternative. You should also consult with a certified arborist to increase the chances of the tree’s survival.  

The following guidelines should prove useful: 

  • Find the troublesome root. If it’s part of a large root, consult a certified tree care professional before cutting or pruning.  
  • If it’s a smaller root, you can try pruning it yourself.  
  • Dig carefully to expose the root and get a better look at the root.  
  • Cut no closer to the tree than three times the trunk’s diameter. For example, if the tree has a trunk diameter of four inches, cut the root off at least 12 inches away.  
  • Use a pruning saw, pruners, or loppers to make a clean cut (This will help prevent disease or pest infestations.)  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Will cutting tree roots kill the tree? Not if you follow proper guidelines and pruning techniques. If you need an expert’s input or help, Screaming Timber Arbor Care has what it takes to do the job right. We offer comprehensive tree care solutions such as:

  • Land clearing  
  • Storm damage cleanup  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • And more  

When you need expert tree removal in Holland, MI, look no further for professional and reliable services.  

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