Screaming Timber Arbor Care Handles Willow Tree Removal for a Residential Client in Ada, MI

Screaming Timber Arbor Care Handles Willow Tree Removal for a Residential Client in Ada, MI

by | Jun 20, 2024

Subject: This case study examines Screaming Timber Arbor Care’s tree removal in Ada, MI, requested by a local homeowner who wanted a tidier lawn. 

A homeowner contacted Screaming Timber Arbor Care about professional tree removal in Ada, MI. They meticulously cared for their lawn and wanted to remove the 50-foot tall willow tree to better care for their landscape. The local tree removal company took on the task, taking special care of the client’s plants. 



  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Ada, MI
  • Type of Service: Tree Removal
  • Tree Type: Willow Tree
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tree height: 45 Feet
  • Equipment Used: CMC 92 HD+ Arbor Pro Lift
  • Service Frequency: One Time Service
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: Our crew strategized before beginning the project and protected the surrounding property while removing the tree. We laid large debris in ways that would not damage the lawn or smaller plants below the tree. 
  • Outcomes: The client was very pleased with the results, and all of the surrounding property was left pristine. We removed all debris at the end of the day.

Ada Tree Removal to Enhance Lawncare

While the willow tree didn’t threaten the client’s home or property, it did get in the way of lawn and garden maintenance. It overshadowed the yard, preventing sunlight from reaching the area. The arborist’s expert tree-cutting skills promised to protect surrounding plants. 

Willow Tree Removal at a Glance

The crew carefully planned the tree removal service to protect as much lawn space as possible. Treasured decorative plants grew beneath the willow tree, and one wrong move could kill them. 

Discarding the Limbs and Branches

The crew began their Ada tree removal by pruning the limbs off of the trunk. This approach left the trunk clean and easy to manage. Each member laid the branches in such a way that no plants or landscape features were harmed. 

Cutting the Trunk Into Manageable Sections

Next, the arborists sliced into the trunk, removing one section at a time. They used their equipment to lift and move the chunks away from landscape and plant features. They completed the service by loading and hauling all debris away. 

Obstacles and Solutions

This job’s main challenge involved protecting the client’s plants and landscape. The crew used caution when placing discarded debris in the yard, leaving all features intact. 

Satisfied Client With a Pristine Lawn in Ada, MI

The client felt satisfied with Screaming Timber Arbor Care’s quality service. Contact them for routine or emergency tree removal in Ada, MI.


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