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Spring Clean Up Makes Way for New Plant Life

As your lawn awakens from the long winter months, the root system of each plant seeks nutrients and fresh air. Screaming Timber Arbor Care prepares your property for productive growing and dormant seasons with spring & fall clean up in Holland, MI.

A thorough spring cleaning prepares your home or business for a fresh start. Why not extend those efforts to your outdoor spaces? Screaming Timber Arbor Care provides spring clean up services to make your property look its best.  

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Debris Removal

Limbs and leftover leaves might litter your lawn once the snow melts. We’ll pick up trash, cold-weather perennials, and unsightly organic material, preparing the area for fresh growth. 

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Garden Preparation

Our crew uproots weeds, edges flower and garden beds, and tidies hardscapes and water features. After all, a sharp-looking property catches eyes and boosts the neighborhood vibes like nothing else. 

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Pesticide Application

As temperatures rise and snow melts, dormant bugs and weeds will gradually resurface. Some of these ground-level guests can harm your lawn and plant life. We’ll combat them by applying a preventative pesticide. 

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Like countless other living things, your lawn awakens from winter hungry and ready to recharge. We nourish your grass, plants, and trees with a gradual-release fertilizer throughout the growing season. Spring & fall clean up in Holland, MI, offers the perfect greeting and farewell for thriving greenery. 

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Fall Clean Up Tucks Your Lawn in for a Winter’s Nap

As your spring yard gradually enters dormancy, it needs some preparation to keep it healthy while it slumbers. Our fall clean up services involve:

  • Trimming away the warm season’s perennials
  • Raking and disposing of leaves, sticks, and other organic debris
  • Uprooting seasonal annuals
  • Winterizing your property’s irrigation system

Winter weather will never catch you off guard again!

Prepare Your Property for the Changing Seasons With Screaming Timber Arbor Care

Screaming Timber Arbor Care offers extensive property care services through reliable, trustworthy lawn maintenance professionals. Prepare your lawn for Michigan’s changing seasons by calling us at 616-820-5997. We’ll provide a free service estimate based on your property size and clean-up needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transforming a spring yard into a winter-ready lawn is essential to lawn health. Learn more about these maintenance services below. 

Is Spring Clean Up vs. Fall Clean Up Better?

Spring clean up vs. fall clean up is not necessarily better. Fall clean ups remove dead leaves and sticks that might harbor excess moisture and cause future fungal infections. 

How Do Lawn Clean Ups Benefit My Property?

Lawn clean ups benefit your property by delivering nutrients to the soil, making your grass and other flora look their best, and preventing diseases or pests from overtaking your lawn. Clean ups are essential to comprehensive lawn maintenance. 

When Should I Schedule Spring & Fall Clean Up in Holland, MI?

You should schedule spring & fall clean up in Holland, MI, during May and October. These months have the most dramatic weather shifts, heralding the changing seasons.

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