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Precise Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in Rockford, MI

Screaming Timber Arbor Care has a deep understanding of tree biology. We have the specialized expertise and equipment to maintain your trees’ health and beauty.

Tree care and maintenance are essential to keep your trees healthy and thriving. Tree trimming and pruning are two of the most common techniques to maintain trees. Tree trimming involves cutting off overgrown branches and removing diseased or dead parts of the tree. It improves the tree’s overall appearance and promotes new growth. On the other hand, pruning is a more invasive method that involves removing larger tree limbs and branches. Tree pruning aims to enhance the tree’s structure and control its growth pattern. Screaming Timber Arbor Care offers expert tree trimming and tree pruning services. Our intentional and precise approach ensures your trees receive the care they need to thrive.

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Safe Tree Removal Service in Rockford, MI

At Screaming Timber Arbor Care, we do our best to save and protect trees. But you can trust us to remove them safely and efficiently when necessary.

Tree cutting is a delicate task that needs careful planning and execution. A simple mistake can lead to property damage, injury, or even death. Tree removal is not a DIY project. It requires a high level of expertise and specialized equipment to protect your property and everyone around it. Our tree removal experts at Screaming Timber Arbor Care can remove trees of any size and in any location. Our dedicated team is trained to handle trees near power lines, buildings, roads, and other structures. We also offer 24/7 emergency services to help you deal with unexpected tree disasters. We’ll be at your property in minutes to assess the situation and provide an immediate solution. Contact us anytime for a free consultation and a no-obligation tree removal quote. 

Top-Notch Land Clearing Service in Rockford, MI

Let us help you prepare your land for construction or landscaping by removing unwanted trees, stumps, and debris.

Land clearing is the first step in preparing your property for construction, landscaping, or other development projects. If you have a piece of land overgrown with trees, stumps, and brush, our land clearing service can help you create a clean slate. Our experienced team has the experience and resources to clear out any size of land quickly and efficiently. We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove trees, stumps, roots, debris, and vegetation from your property. We’ll also haul away the waste and leave the job site clean and ready for your next project. Our meticulous approach ensures minimal impact on your property. Home and business owners in Rockford, MI can trust us for all their land clearing needs. 

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Reliable Storm Damage Cleanup Service in Rockford, MI

When a storm hits, and your trees are damaged, Screaming Timber Arbor Care is here to help you clean up the mess.

Storms can cause extensive and costly damage to your trees and property. Prompt action is critical to mitigate further damage and prevent safety hazards. Michigan is no stranger to harsh weather conditions, and Rockford, MI gets its fair share of severe storms. Broken tree branches, uprooted trees, and fallen debris can be hazardous to your property and everyone around it. That’s why Screaming Timber Arbor Care offers prompt storm damage cleanup services to help you get your property back to normal as soon as possible. We’ll remove damaged trees or branches, clear out debris, and thoroughly clean up your property. Our team is available 24/7 to help you get back on your feet in no time. Trust our top-rated local pros for emergency storm damage cleanup in Rockford, MI.

Affordable Tree Stump Removal in Rockford, MI

Don’t let unsightly tree stumps ruin your landscape. Let us grind them down and give you a clean, smooth lawn.

Tree removal is only half the battle. Stump removal is just as important. Stumps are an eyesore on your property and take up valuable space in your yard. They also attract pests and pose tripping hazards for your family and guests. Our powerful stump grinders can easily remove stumps of all shapes and sizes. We’ll grind the stump down to below ground level, leaving no trace behind. Our efficient process saves you time and money compared to other methods like digging or chemical removal. We can also remove stumps in hard-to-reach areas and clear the land for planting, construction, or landscaping. Trust screaming Timber Arbor Care for all your stump grinding needs in Rockford, MI and beyond.

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Screaming Timber Arbor Care: A Team You Can Count and Rely On

Choosing Screaming Timber Arbor Care means choosing an experienced and passionate team that values your safety and satisfaction above all else.


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We are a fully licensed and insured company. You can trust us to comply with all local and state regulations. 


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Our Service comes with a warranty. For more details on coverage and claims, please contact us.

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