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What Dirt Work Can Do To Keep Your Holland Property Stable and Functional

Think of dirt work in Holland, MI, as laying the foundation for the foundation. Screaming Timber Arbor Care gives your construction projects the most stable start.

When you break ground on a construction project, you literally rely on dirt work services for the first step. Dirt work involves moving a specific type of soil to the project site and flattening the soil into the perfect surface for a new building. It can also involve digging into the ground to accommodate drainage or water bodies. 

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Most modern properties have driveways, roads, or parking areas for vehicle accessibility. Every visitor or occupant needs somewhere flat to leave their vehicle or navigate to their next location. We can prepare your property for infrastructure site work, leaving a fantastic surface to pour concrete, cement, or asphalt. 

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Before constructing foundations, builders need level building pads to facilitate the new structure. We meticulously grade and compact the surface soil for future commercial or residential building projects. Our work sets the stage for a sturdy, lasting business or home. 

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Some property owners aim to enhance their properties with complex landscaping features. Ponds, pools, and other improvements can transform the average lawn into a personal paradise. Each feature requires a well-formed hole made from the right type of dirt to hold water or support the plastic fitting. 

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Rainfall and wind can cause the soil in specific areas to erode. Our dirt work in Holland, MI, and surrounding areas prevents excessive erosion with grading, drainage, and watershed solutions. 

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What Makes Our Dirt Work in Holland, Michigan, a Cut Above the Rest

At Screaming Timber Arbor Care, our dirt work crews keep the following values at the forefront of each service:

  • Safety: We keep work sites safe with strict protocols, proper boundaries and signage, and a trustworthy, experienced team who knows how to handle the equipment. 
  • Meticulous planning: We carefully examine the property before breaking ground on a project. Our supervisor keeps you in the loop throughout each step. 
  • Reputability: We offer a satisfaction guarantee and maintain updated licenses and insurance. 

Get Your Free Estimate From Screaming Timber Arbor Care

No dirt work project is too big or small for Screaming Timber Arbor Care in Holland, Michigan. Call 616-820-5997 to request a free estimate on your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dirt work seems simple but requires knowledge about soil types and how they affect stability. We answered common queries to help you better understand our services. 

What Type of Soil Is Used for a House Pad?

The type of soil used for a house pad is loam. Loam contains clay, silt, and sand. It handles moisture and erosion better than other types of dirt. 

What Kind of Soil Is Best for Man-Made Ponds?

The best kind of soil for man-made ponds is clay. Clay and loam hold water more effectively than other dirt varieties.

Should House Pads Be Compacted During Dirt Work in Holland, MI?

House pads should be compacted during dirt work in Holland, MI. Compaction ensures your building foundation remains stable. 

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